Alia Sebben

Growing up an athlete and adventurer, Alia has always been committed to the notion that anything is possible, which subsequently led her to be a challenge for her teachers and peers.

With the social freedom of college combined with the inherent challenge of collegiate academia for a day dreamer—Alia began down rocky path. That is, until she stepped into her first yoga class. The initial challenge of the physical postures appealed to her competitive nature and immediately calmed her anxious mind. Over the next few years she slowly found a bit of balance between socializing and school. 

After college, Alia decided to take an adventure to Portland, Oregon where she got a job with lululemon athletica and dove into the eclectic offerings of the Portland yoga scene. She fell in love over and over again with every new style of yoga, realizing the power classes had offered her a lot of insight, but it was Yoga Nidra practice in the Bhakti devotion that sparked a deeper understanding of the practice.

The combo of the freedom Alia felt in yoga and structure of the lululemon culture reignited the "anything is possible" mindset once again. She set the goal to completed a 200-hour teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank. During the year long training, she began journaling and setting hefty goals. Alia's practice allowed her to keep on the path of intention, and meditation created space for new goals, ideas and ways of being.

She created a family out of strangers in Portland, and her practice led her to them. She moved back to Boulder in the summer of 2012 with the goal of opening a studio. She began teaching in the summer of 2013, quit her day job, and an incredible opportunity presented itself, in the way of partnering with vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda in opening a joint space focusing on a complimentary yoga offering for every lifestyle. 

Alia has created Amana to be a community hub of support for the community, just as the yoga community has been her compass in finding her most passionate dreams.

She is committed to paying it forward, so please reach out, and she hopes to see you on your mat. XO

Carlye Cole.jpg

Carlye Cole

Carlye is a 500hr-RYT teaching primarily Hatha and Vinyasa yoga as well as Restorative and Yin.  Her compassion and attentiveness for others creates an environment for learning and experimentation that allows students to dive deeper into their yoga practice and go beyond the poses. Teaching internationally for the past 4 years, she has lead numerous community classes, private sessions, and workshops to diverse bodies, bringing fellowship wherever she goes.

She received her 200hr YTT in Grand Rapids, MI and two years later completed her 500hr YTT in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh, India, where she studied the roots of Hatha yoga and philosophy. Her instructions are seamlessly linked to the breath, focusing on each students' own practice as she guides them to explore their range of motion with effective and mindful cueing. 

Carlye's philosophy is centered in the belief that everyone has the ability to achieve their fullest potential and that it's the journey that makes for a meaningful life.  Through the practice of yoga as a lifestyle, everyone can harness the tools that are within themselves to live a more peaceful and free life.

Becky II.png

Becky Guidera

Becky (RYT-200) found her curiosity for yoga when searching for an introspective movement practice. She found yoga embodied her loves of body contemplation, mental clarity and cultivating connection between the two. Becky completed her 40-hour Yin Yoga Certification in March 2016 and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in November 2016 at Yoga Pod Boulder. She also is certificated in Myofascial Release through Amana Yoga.

Drawing in her studies of Somatic Psychology, Becky hopes to use yoga as a bridge between the body and mind. She believes that cultivating compassion and wisdom through the body establishes greater understanding and nurturance of the mind. Becky strives to create thoughtful, grounding and intuitive classes. She uses hands-on adjustments, pranayama and meditation as resources for the integration of one’s practice. Her desire to see her students drop into the practice and discover their own resilience, compassion and gentleness.

brittany risse.png

Brittany Risse

Brittany is equally excited and honored to be back with Amana Yoga. Asana is the foundation of her self care, and by teaching, she helps others discover the subtle ways yoga can heal through aligned movement & awareness. She hopes that with dedication & the right intention, that yoga will find its way into everything we do. 

The past few years she has been strengthening her abilities as a teacher in trainings, deepening her own personal yoga practice, and planting seeds as an entrepreneur in her very own herbal skincare business. She is completing 2018 with friends & family, and looking forward to the growth & satisfaction of the new year. 

Currently, Brittany lives in Coal Creek Canyon of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, Dan & their fur babies. There, they are patiently & creatively remodeling their new home to be a sacred space of health, happiness, & comfort for the years to come. 


JB Cannafax                                                                  

JB is a certified hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher. He has advanced training in yin yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for victims of trauma, as well as experience teaching yoga for athletes. Even though JB grew up moving across the States and overseas, he has spent the most amount of time in Colorado and considers Boulder his home. JB also enjoys snowboarding and weightlifting, but he is consistently drawn back to yoga to balance and enhance every aspect of his daily life.

JB went to his first yoga class as a young teenager in an attempt to heal his compromised spine. He had harsh back pain and was told by doctors that he would likely never be able to fully stand up straight without surgery. Through years of dedicated practice and heart-opening asanas, JB gradually transformed his physical body.

After college, JB decided he wanted to share his passion for yoga and personal journey of natural healing by completing his 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Faith Hunter in Washington, DC. He entered his training with an understanding of the physical benefits of a solid asana practice, and he left spiritually transformed from the inside out. JB believes that the most radical aspect of yoga stems from our breathwork, which is the vehicle toward overcoming mental blocks. By connecting with our inhales and exhales, sending and receiving love both on and off the mat, and living an organic lifestyle, we can achieve true liberation. Sometimes the most impactful action we can take is to pause, breath deep, and understand ourselves on a more intimate level.


Kelsey Norten

Kelsey's story of yoga is not one of love at first sight. After trying her first class in high school at the local studio where her friends worked, she dabbled in the occasional class over the next 3 years, but stuck to her main physical activity which was dance. Then upon getting a part time job with lululemon her junior year of college, that all changed. The vinyasa style of yoga called her back to her mat time and time again, and the teachings of great teachers such as Alex Austin, Danielle Campagna and Kourtney Kaas inspired her to pursue teaching herself.

Upon moving to Boulder, CO in 2012, Kelsey was granted a scholarship to partake in Om Time's 200 hour teacher training with Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nancy Kate Williams and Nichole Golden. Here she learned to create sequences that are thoughtful, fluid and accessible. Providing her students with a music playlist that compliments the movement is what keeps Kelsey inspired and motivated to continuously evolve her teaching style and her practice.

Justine Talling

I began my yoga practice about 7 years ago while living in San Francisco. Over time and several moves across the country (SF to Boston to Boulder), I have tried many different styles of yoga, but feel most connected to vinyasa style classes. My flow practice has taken different shapes over time, but has always been heavily guided by intentional structure and alignment. I studied with Natasha Rizopoulos in the YogaWorks Method, which blends instruction from both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. As I have been teaching, I have worked to create intelligent sequencing that combines the heat of Ashtanga, the wisdom of Iyengar and the freedom of vinyasa.


Lexi Greenberger

Alexis Greenberger, a Pittsburgh native, moved to Boulder in November 2015 to pursue her passions of teaching and dance. A professional ballet dancer since 2008, Lexi discovered yoga as a form of cross-training and injury prevention. She eventually completed 500 hours of training under Tanya Siejhi, founder of Healsci, in Sarasota, Florida. Lexi is also a certified BodyRolling instructor, incorporating balls and rollers as a form of myofascial release and self-massage to compliment yoga postures. Her intention is to help others free themselves from muscle pain to achieve a life-long practice.


Cassidy Bradley

Cassidy came to the practice, just like everyone else, at exactly the right time. Yoga arrived when she needed it the most, leading her back into who she is at her core. Growing up in Boston, MA she came to Boulder through a fascination with the mountains. Boulder and the mountains helped her along her healing journey and now knows she must share it with others. Her love of lending a helping hand through those healing journeys is displayed in her yoga classes. She now carries the title of yoga teacher, astrologer, reiki practitioner, student of life, and lover of food. Weaving in the seemly “woo-woo” concepts into her teachings makes them practical and approachable. Her classes make yoga a moving and sacred meditation. Yoga gave her back her direction, purpose, and clarity. Her purpose is to help others to find exactly that. Find her offerings at!


Valerie Brown

Valerie is a teacher of Yoga and practitioner of Ayurveda who is passionate about the combination of these two practices for health and happiness. She teaches intentional and safely sequenced Hatha and Restorative classes, with an adaptive feel. Under Judith Hansen Lasater’s instruction, she became a certified Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Teacher. She trained with gong master, Mehtab Benton, and she loves incorporating vibrational healing into her offerings; expect to hear a tinksha, chimes, singing bowls and a gong! Valerie encourages each student to explore the awareness of their own body and mind, tune in to meet themselves where they are, and cultivate a connection to the highest self on the mat and in their every day lives. Connect with Val at


Alec Vishal Rouben

Alec, CO-founder of Yoga Revealed Podcast is so excited to come to AMANA yoga! 

Alec Vishal Rouben is inspired to have stumbled upon a path of service!

Alec holds himself as a Servant Leader, recognizing that in order to aid another, one must be willing to dive deep into ones own process. With deep loss, comes great empowerment & personal healing, Alchemizing service to others. Alec’s offering of yoga is greatly unique & you will notice a unique presence that is unparalleled in the modern approach to societies teaching of yoga, which comes from the teachers he studies with.

As he approaches a decade into his practice, he feels an unbounded dedication to cultivating a continued state of Study, as he comes to understand the nature of life through the lens of Yoga. Alec has completed 8 Month Long yogic Immersions over the past 9 years and continues to dive in! He recently completed a M.A. In Traditions of Yoga & Meditation from the Revered SOAS University in the U.K. 

His personal practice and teachings are based on the student-teacher relationship. Bringing heart-centered charismatic energy to his classes, he demands a level of attention that pierces through distraction. He holds an embodiment that is rare, providing extremely descriptive guidance for practitioners of all level to experience the practice of asana and polish the lens of their being. Here, we become clear channels of LOVE to experience life. 

Join Alec for a weekly class Amana FOUNDATIONS class & check him out on IG @aleclovelifeyoga!


Erin Wilson

I know yoga to be deeply healing because of the profound impact it has had on me personally. Yoga found me in 2007 during my late teens, a tumultuous time in my life. As a lifelong gymnast and dancer having sustained career ending injuries - I found yoga to be not only therapeutic physically but also powerfully transformational inwardly. I aspire to share this same awareness and inner alchemy with students through alignment based asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath), mantra and yogic philosophy in classes accessible to all levels.

In 2016, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia to become certified in Sivananda lineage Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, followed by advanced training in Universal and Forrest Yoga in 2018. I am also a certified Usui Holy Fire lineage Reiki Master and enjoy incorporating energetic aspects and hands on assists to help students deepen their practice. I look forward to meeting you on your mat.

Interested in becoming a teacher for us, please come practice and meet everyone