Amana Flow


A fluid class with an emphasis in creating heat in the body with breath that builds into a breath-to-movement dance. Typically a little quicker moving, postures are synchronized to build to an advanced posture, with a sweet cool down. Level 1 and Level 2 classes available.

Amana Yin-Vin Fusion


Yin-Vin provides the benefits of a balanced practice with this combo of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. This class will begin with Yin postures, focusing on deep and juicy postures and passive holds designed to open the body, creating more flexibility and a quiet mind. The second part of class will transition to a more active and dynamic Vinyasa practice to energize and strengthen the body, leaving the practitioner balanced and refreshed for the day. All levels welcome! Perfect for the days where you have just the right amount of energy that you would like to sustain.



The Yin practice offers you the opportunity to balance the active and external yang energy with the passive and internal yin energy. You will be guided through a series of floor-based poses (held 3-5 minutes) which targets the deeper connective tissue, including ligaments, joints and fascia. Using the support of props, active relaxation of muscles is encouraged, as you find your way into a gentle meditation. Perfect for the day that you want to sustain awesome energy or need to relax your busy mind! All levels welcomed.

A nice counterpoint to our busy lives, Restorative yoga or “conscious relaxation” is a practice which allows your mind and body a chance to rest, reset and recharge. The poses require little to no effort while many are supported by props, first stimulating the body then restoring your entire being back to a more balanced functioning state. Meditation woven into the practice challenges the mind to let go, furthering a state of rest and relaxation.


Hatha Flow

Hatha yoga is a system of health that includes three distinct yet coexisting practices. Asanas (postures) are meant to bring comfort to the body and restore it to its innate healing capabilities. Pranayam (breath/energy manipulation), to tone the nervous system and open stuck nadis (energy channels). Dhyana (meditation), to bring clarity and a sense of peace to the mind. The resulting effect is a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit are all connected, as well as a deeper understanding of how we are ALL connected. Beginner suggestions are offered so all are welcome!

Myofascial Release

Body Rolling as myofascial release is a therapeutic technique that uses body work tools to address myofascial discomfort, adhesion, contractual trigger knots, and myofascial trigger points. This class will help develop a deeper relationship with ones body, teaching how to maintain mobility and health.

Sunday Soul Flow


A sacred container is created for this intermediate level Vinyasa flow class by interweaving meditation, prayer, music, reflection and asana into an invigorating, uplifting, and heart opening practice. Start your Sunday off right by balancing your body and mind, and igniting your inner light.