Alia Sebben

Growing up an athlete and adventurer, Alia has always been committed to the notion that anything is possible, which subsequently led her to be a challenge for her teachers and peers.

With the social freedom of college combined with the inherent challenge of collegiate academia for a day dreamer—Alia began down rocky path. That is, until she stepped into her first yoga class. The initial challenge of the physical postures appealed to her competitive nature and immediately calmed her anxious mind. Over the next few years she slowly found a bit of balance between socializing and school. 

After college, Alia decided to take an adventure to Portland, Oregon where she got a job with lululemon athletica and dove into the eclectic offerings of the Portland yoga scene. She fell in love over and over again with every new style of yoga, realizing the power classes had offered her a lot of insight, but it was Yoga Nidra practice in the Bhakti devotion that sparked a deeper understanding of the practice.

The combo of the freedom Alia felt in yoga and structure of the lululemon culture reignited the "anything is possible" mindset once again. She set the goal to completed a 200-hour teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank. During the year long training, she began journaling and setting hefty goals. Alia's practice allowed her to keep on the path of intention, and meditation created space for new goals, ideas and ways of being.

She created a family out of strangers in Portland, and her practice led her to them. She moved back to Boulder in the summer of 2012 with the goal of opening a studio. She began teaching in the summer of 2013, quit her day job, and an incredible opportunity presented itself, in the way of partnering with vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda in opening a joint space focusing on a complimentary yoga offering for every lifestyle. 

Alia has created Amana to be a community hub of support for the community, just as the yoga community has been her compass in finding her most passionate dreams.

She is committed to paying it forward, so please reach out, and she hopes to see you on your mat. XO


Alex Espinoza

Alex is a life-enthusiast, who brings a warm smile to the mat. She was born in Venezuela but has been living all over the world for almost two decades. Alex loves encouraging students to connect to their breath and move consciously not only on the mat but also off the mat.

She believes in using practice time to cultivate inner joy by bringing stillness to the mind and listening to your inner-self, this is when you will start shining from a place of truth and love.

Alex brings over 200+ Yoga Alliance training hours including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kundalini and Kid's Yoga. 

Chandoline Mitchell

Chandoline has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. She fell in love with the practice after her first class, finding yoga as a powerful transformative tool for creating balance, strength and peace within her life. She attended a 200-hour teacher training course in 2002 at the Sivananda Ashram in Northern California, Ashtanga teacher training course with David Swenson, Kids Yoga teacher training with Young Warriors, Yoga Prison Project teacher training with James Fox and Yoga Nidra teacher training with Dr. Marc Halpern, as well as many workshops over the years diving deeper into both Vinyasa and restorative practices. Chandoline has served as the Aspen Snowmass Wayfarer Regional Manager for Wanderlust Yoga Festival last year, coordinating the volunteer and studio partner program. She is honored to be a Wanderlust ambassador again this year. Chandoline has been a Massage Therapist for over 22 years, bringing deep understanding of the physical and emotional bodies to her classes and provides powerfully compassionate and empathetic energy to her students. She lives in the Boulder area with her husband and daughter, where she teaches kids yoga, vinyasa and restorative yoga and has a private massage practice. 

Heather Menzie

Yoga Therapist, E-RYT-200, RYT-500, Licensed Professional Counselor 

Heather Menzie completed her 200 hour Teacher Training through Core Power Yoga in 2006 and her Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy in 2011, which involved studying Yoga for Grief, Recovery, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression, Yoga Nidra, and Ayurveda. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Heather integrates Yoga Therapy into her private practice and believes in the integration these two healing modalities offer. 

Through her studies and personal practice, Heather sees yoga as a rich practice of turning towards one’s physical sensations as well as emotions, and unpacking beliefs that may be hindering freedom. Her nourishing classes offer time to tune into what your body, mind, and heart need in the moment. Through mindfulness instruction, pranayama (conscious breathing), sankalpa (intention setting), gentle flow, and mudras (gestures of the hands), your practice will guide you into wholeness and connect you with your inner light and wisdom.

You can learn more about Heather here:


Danielle Goneconti

Danielle offers yoga & mindfulness from the experience that these practices help more people smile together.

Teaching for the past 15 years, she gravitated to traditional lineages from a life steeped simultaneously in the arts (dance, music, fine arts), ecology & political science (non-violence & sustainability). She has taught at Brown University, the Granoff Center for the Arts, studios across Manhattan & Brooklyn, in London, Paris, Dublin, San Francisco & currently Boulder, CO.

She began her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga journey thanks to Eddie & Jocelyne Stern’s Broome Street Temple.  In 2009 she completed Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor’s Yoga Workshop Teachers Intensive, with many subsequent stays in Colorado.  She finds essential the guidance of Nancy Gilgoff, whom she visits regularly at Ashtanga Maui. And she is grateful to continually pursue instruction from the entire Jois family.  

Ayurveda, Body Mind Centering & Deep Relaxation strongly inform Danielle's perspective of personalized guidance- centered on attention to breath & enjoyment.

Peace & possibility flower in the present moment: Danielle studies and offers Mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.  

"Shared cup of coffee" is her very favorite asana. She enjoys perpetually celebrating the innumerable participants of #TeamEarth.

me and lakshmi.jpg

Molly Curits

Molly is a young, devoted RYT-240 Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga teacher whose practice flow abundantly throughout her body. She has been deeply dedicated to yoga for four years, and is honored by each opportunity to teach. Her dedication to the practice is evident in her own Sadhana, and sharing the light of yoga with her community is one of her passions. With love for Earth medicine and spirit wisdom, Molly works hard to collect all of the tools she can to weave energetic and herbal healing into her classes. 

Determined to be a catalyst in her students' embodiment, Molly always works to offer classes that are accessible for everyone, offer nourishment, and feel safe and supportive. In crafting sacred classes tuned in to the Earth’s path around the sun, she hopes to guide people deeply into their own bodies and hearts through asana, pranayama, and meditation. 

Liana Cameris

Yoga has been a part of Liana's life since '96, when she experienced first hand how a dedicated daily practice can heal the physical body. Several years later, she gained an awareness of the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga which inspired her to dive deeper into all eight limbs. She trained with Dhyana Yoga in 2005, and was certified in Ashtanga-based Vinyasa. Ever since, she has been studying various styles such as Dharma, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Tantra, offering the wisdom of the practices and lifestyle to practitioners throughout the world. Depending on the class, she may teach a powerful or more chilled-out flow with a focus on structural & energetic alignment, spiritual intention, playfulness, and awareness of the breath-mind-body connection; or a restorative practice focusing on relaxing the mind and body, seeking ease and discerning the language of the body through the deeper breath.

Over the last eight years, Liana has had the honor to teach domestically and abroad, at festivals, retreats, events, studios, with private clients, and as a Lululemon ambassador. For several months in 2010, she had a unique experience of teaching yoga and fire arts in the Peruvian Amazon during a shamanic apprenticeship with an indigenous plant medicine. Upon returning to the US with a new and profound relationship with Nature, Ayurveda became a main focus in her life, which has recently led her to Boulder to work with VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda.

Learn more about Liana on her website:


Jai Gobind

Jai Gobind began her yoga journey when she moved to Colorado in 2006. She enjoyed the physical bliss she attained through yoga but felt that there was something more to yoga besides the poses. 

After completing her Masters Thesis on Yoga and Self Transformation she was ready to dive deeper into the spiritual experience. The path brought her to Kundalini yoga and meditation which gave her the support and tools she needed to welcome beauty, bounty and bliss into her life. The more involved she became the more she desired to teach yoga.

Her yogic career began after completing her first teacher training in 2009 and has since been expanding her skills as a Yoga Guru. She is trained in Power yoga, yin yoga, and Kundalini yoga and meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). Kundalini yoga meditation has proven to be a spiritual, physical and magical practice that has brought into her life everything she needed.

She brings a fun, devotional and uplifting feel to her broadcasts, programs and classes. We hope you get a chance to experience her in her full Goddess Power! 


Becky Guidera

Becky (RYT-200) found her curiosity for yoga when searching for an introspective movement practice. She found yoga embodied her loves of body contemplation, mental clarity and cultivating connection between the two. Becky completed her 40-hour Yin Yoga Certification in March 2016 and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in November 2016 at Yoga Pod Boulder. She also is certificated in Myofascial Release through Amana Yoga.

Drawing in her studies of Somatic Psychology, Becky hopes to use yoga as a bridge between the body and mind. She believes that cultivating compassion and wisdom through the body establishes greater understanding and nurturance of the mind. Becky strives to create thoughtful, grounding and intuitive classes. She uses hands-on adjustments, pranayama and meditation as resources for the integration of one’s practice. Her desire to see her students drop into the practice and discover their own resilience, compassion and gentleness.



Kelsey Norten

Kelsey's story of yoga is not one of love at first sight. After trying her first class in high school at the local studio where her friends worked, she dabbled in the occasional class over the next 3 years, but stuck to her main physical activity which was dance. Then upon getting a part time job with lululemon her junior year of college, that all changed. The vinyasa style of yoga called her back to her mat time and time again, and the teachings of great teachers such as Alex Austin, Danielle Campagna and Kourtney Kaas inspired her to pursue teaching herself.

Upon moving to Boulder, CO in 2012, Kelsey was granted a scholarship to partake in Om Time's 200 hour teacher training with Shannon Paige, Gina Caputo, Nancy Kate Williams and Nichole Golden. Here she learned to create sequences that are thoughtful, fluid and accessible. Providing her students with a music playlist that compliments the movement is what keeps Kelsey inspired and motivated to continuously evolve her teaching style and her practice.

Justine Talling

I began my yoga practice about 7 years ago while living in San Francisco. Over time and several moves across the country (SF to Boston to Boulder), I have tried many different styles of yoga, but feel most connected to vinyasa style classes. My flow practice has taken different shapes over time, but has always been heavily guided by intentional structure and alignment. I studied with Natasha Rizopoulos in the YogaWorks Method, which blends instruction from both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. As I have been teaching, I have worked to create intelligent sequencing that combines the heat of Ashtanga, the wisdom of Iyengar and the freedom of vinyasa.


Alison Litchfield

Alison is an ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor and founder of Embody Shakti Yoga School here in Boulder, CO. She has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for 25 years, taking her first teacher training with Richard Freeman in 1999. Her teaching style is rooted in the wisdoms of Ashtanga Yoga, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and Iyengar Yoga. She also has years of study in the Tantra teachings of Sally Kempton, Douglas Brooks and Shiva Rea. as well as some of the principles of Kundalini Yoga. Her classes weave together all of these wisdoms to assist students in finding optimal health and embodied living in the everyday.

She is also a Certified Rolfer of Structural Integration as well as co-founder with her husband Travis Robinson of Peak Frequency Life.  Peak Frequency Life is a business and online platform supporting the shift to a conscious lifestyle with empowered purpose and optimal health using foods, herbs & pioneering information that transforms surviving into thriving!



Lexi Greenberger

Alexis Greenberger, a Pittsburgh native, moved to Boulder in November 2015 to pursue her passions of teaching and dance. A professional ballet dancer since 2008, Lexi discovered yoga as a form of cross-training and injury prevention. She eventually completed 500 hours of training under Tanya Siejhi, founder of Healsci, in Sarasota, Florida. Lexi is also a certified BodyRolling instructor, incorporating balls and rollers as a form of myofascial release and self-massage to compliment yoga postures. Her intention is to help others free themselves from muscle pain to achieve a life-long practice.

Mary Susan Stults

Mary Susan teaches a knowledgable, dynamic, sustainable, and compassionate, alignment-based practice that weaves and blends together the traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar. Many describe her energy as contagious, finding her nurturing, wise, grounded, and patient style of teaching to be welcoming and supportive. She infuses her Yoga, Meditation, SUP, and SUP Yoga classes, workshops, and world-wide retreats with her grounded yet light-hearted nature. For Mary, being a student of the practice of yoga is as important as being a teacher. When she is not working and teaching herself you can often find her in a teacher training or yoga intensive with her forever teacher, Maty Ezraty with whom she has completed over 500+ hours of formal training. She hopes to help others delve into what it means to live well physically, mentally, and spiritually, by exploring and developing their own yoga practice, and translating the joy, strength, confidence, mindfulness, balance, and grace that we find on the mat, into our lives off the mat!

Kate Hamilton

Kate teaches vinyasa, gentle, and restorative yoga. She aims to create an inspired setting for students to deepen their connection to their own body, explore movement, and exercise their muscles of awareness. Using a blend of precision and flow in her classes, she is passionate about creating space for students to build on their strengths and adapt poses to each unique mind and body.

Kate’s first steps on the mat were led by a running injury in 2004. She dove deeper into yoga while searching for an activity to help her balance the intensity and deskwork of graduate school and her environmental policy work in Washington, DC. After a neck, shoulder, and wrist injury put a pause on her vinyasa practice, Kate began to pursue a variety of yoga traditions, from Forrest to restorative yoga as well as movement practices such as the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais. She earned her RYT-200 from Nosara Yoga Institute in 2015 and recently returned to Nosara to complete a training in “Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics.” Kate has also studied with Tias Little in Santa Fe.

Off the mat, Kate works as a facilitator, educator, and consultant on tropical forestry conservation and climate change. She can be found exploring Boulder County’s open spaces and beyond.


Todd Olson

Experienced Yoga teacher (ERYT-500), Todd Olson has guided Yoga classes and privates full time for 10+ years. He is proficient in Viniyoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Todd received his Yoga Therapy training from The Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda, led by Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman, his Viniyoga training from YogaAway, led by River Cummings, and his initial 200hr training from CorePower Yoga. A recent transplant from Minnesota, Todd is thrilled to be meeting so many health conscious people and exploring all things “Colorado.”