As an HR Manager, one of my top priorities is supporting the well-being of the team that makes my company tick. ShipCompliant’s staff has absolutely loved Amana’s offerings, which encourage a re-connection with the body and mind and provide a break from the busy day in the life of a tech company. The studio itself is an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of Pearl Street, and the owner, Alia, is visionary in her pursuit to bring the many benefits of yoga to the local business community. I cannot recommend her or Amana Yoga highly enough!
— Analiese Brown, HR Manager ShipCompliant
Amana Yoga’s owner, Alia Sebben did a great job leading a brain-break session at our conference at the St. Julien in August. Our group of executives found the session both relaxing and invigorating. I would highly recommend Alia for your corporate wellness programs. She has a unique blend of yoga instruction and engagement, making the stiffest of suits feel comfortable.
— Len Norten, Chief Financial Officer, Performance Mobility
As a high school strength and conditioning coach, I understand that training high school athletes can be a very difficult process. To this end, I have had the great pleasure of watching Alia effortlessly tackle this process through a mindful yoga practice.

The engagement and attention she has received from the Boulder High School athletes is amazing. Alia has made me a believer in the power of yoga and how that power can accelerate a high school athlete’s physical and emotional development.
— Derek Zahler, Boulder High School Strengh & Conditioning Coach 2015-2016