A fluid class with an emphasis in creating heat in the body with breath that builds into a breath-to-movement dance. Typically a little quicker moving, postures are synchronized to build to an advanced posture, with a sweet cool down. Perfect for those days where you’re off to a slow start and you want to amp up the heat and energy in your mind and body.

Power Vinyasa

Begin with a swift warm up and get ready to build heat from the inside out, get sweaty with it, connect the mind and body through breath and learn how to breathe through ANYTHING. Perfect for the day that you wake up with a crazy list of things to do and need to focus on getting.stuff.done. Leave feeling balanced and energized.

Prana Vinyasa

Prana Vinyasa is an evolutionary and integrated style of yoga that marries breath to movement through intelligent sequencing and organic movement, Ayurvedic principles and energetic study. We meet yogis where they are in their modern lifestyles, and through practice, we cultivate the power of inner awareness to create transformation on every level.


This glorious fusion provides the benefits of a balanced practice with this combo of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

This class will begin with an active and dynamic Vinyasa practice to energize and strengthen the body. The second part of class will then transition into Yin postures, focusing on deep and juicy postures and passive holds designed to open the body, creating more flexibility and a quiet mind.

This combination will leave the practitioner balanced and calm for the evening. This class is perfect for the days where you want to burn some energy and totally unwind. All levels welcome!



Yin-Vin provides the benefits of a balanced practice with this combo of Yin and Vinyasa yoga. This class will begin with Yin postures, focusing on deep and juicy postures and passive holds designed to open the body, creating more flexibility and a quiet mind. The second part of class will transition to a more active and dynamic Vinyasa practice to energize and strengthen the body, leaving the practitioner balanced and refreshed for the day. All levels welcome! Perfect for the days where you have just the right amount of energy that you would like to sustain.



The Yin practice offers you the opportunity to balance the active and external yang energy with the passive and internal yin energy. You will be guided through a series of floor-based poses (held 3-5 minutes) which targets the deeper connective tissue, including ligaments, joints and fascia. Using the support of props, active relaxation of muscles is encouraged, as you find your way into a gentle meditation. Perfect for the day that you want to sustain awesome energy or need to relax your busy mind! All levels welcomed.

Hatha Morning Rituals



Hatha Yogis consider mental and physical purification as vital for enlightenment. They developed a broad variety of purification practices–many of which are suitable for practicing on our mats. These include pranayama, mudras and asanas, as well as the milder shatkarmas (cleansing techniques). These are probably more important for us now (in this age of chemicals, technology and pollution) than when they were developed.

In class we will explore a variety of gentle but effective practices, and offer instructions for what you can try at home. Continued practice will lead to beneficial results!

Hatha Flow

Hatha yoga is a system of health that includes three distinct yet coexisting practices. Asanas (postures) are meant to bring comfort to the body and restore it to its innate healing capabilities. Pranayam (breath/energy manipulation), to tone the nervous system and open stuck nadis (energy channels). Dhyana (meditation), to bring clarity and a sense of peace to the mind. The resulting effect is a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and spirit are all connected, as well as a deeper understanding of how we are ALL connected. Beginner suggestions are offered so all are welcome!

Myofascial Release

Body Rolling as myofascial release is a therapeutic technique that uses body work tools to address myofascial discomfort, adhesion, contractual trigger knots, and myofascial trigger points. This class will help develop a deeper relationship with ones body, teaching how to maintain mobility and health.


Restorative yoga meets myofascial release in this hybrid class that combines restful yoga postures with bodywork tools placed on trigger points. This class is more active than your typical restorative yoga class, and includes intense and deep release of the myofascia.

Happy HR: Roll + Restore

This beginning to intermediate level Yoga class introduces and marries the very best of the strong and rigorous practice of Ashtanga with the slower, more mindful alignment-based practice of Iyengar to provide a foundational and well-balanced class. We'll slow down to explore and learn the fundamentals of alignment and breath work in a fun, refreshing, and sustainable format. This class is perfect for all-levels including beginners to the more advance practitioners, and all who wish to brush up and stay curious with the roots and foundation of the practice. Our Yoga studio transforms, becoming more of a classroom environment as we workshop and break down the alignment and basics!

Yoga Aligned



This is a wonderful class for beginners & seasoned ashtangis alike.  The structure is one of individual instruction in a group setting. Students do not practice in unison but are instead working in personally appropriate ways, on the same goals- steadiness through a recipe of postures (and through life!)  The recipe is easy to learn!  With each student focusing on themselves, this allows for the development of a deeply personal practice and allows us to customize elements to meet individual needs. We work from a set of traditional postures, breath attention & concentration techniques to evenly tune the body & mind. Yoga Maitri includes deep relaxation & mindfulness practices for those who are interested in specific ways to carry the practice off the mat.

Yoga Maitri Ashtanga Mysore 


Sunday Soul Flow


A sacred container is created for this intermediate level Vinyasa flow class by interweaving meditation, prayer, music, reflection and asana into an invigorating, uplifting, and heart opening practice. Start your Sunday off right by balancing your body and mind, and igniting your inner light.

Queer Flow + Restore


Amana is honored to offer this accessible, all-levels yoga class to the LGBTQ+ community. Join Stevie in our safe(r), sacred space to get grounded and connect with community. We’ll meditate through movement in this flow-style class, and end with restorative postures to soothe the nervous system and relieve stress.


About Stevie: Stevie is a trans/non-binary yoga teacher and energy healer, whose pronouns are they/them/theirs. Stevie’s passion lies in emotional/physical support for the queer community. Visit to learn more about their practice.


When: 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month, 1-2PM.

July 9 + 23

August 13 + 27

September 10 + 24

October 8 + 22


Cost: Sliding scale (you decide!) $7-17.

*No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Mat rentals are $2, or free for bike commuters.


Contact: Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here to support you!


Stevie (Teacher):

Alia (Studio Owner):


Bathrooms and changing facilities are single-stalled and not gendered. All genders, sexual orientations, expressions and bodies are welcome in this space!

Key Words: No B.S., no mirrors, just yoga.


*The term queer has been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community as an umbrella term, and is meant with utmost love and inclusivity. If you areoffended by this language, please reach out to us directly—we’re happy to talk about it!

Yoga for Back Care

This is a beginners level class supportive for students recovering from back injury, managing and treating pain, working with limiting mobility, or looking for a gentle mindful practice to build awareness and care for the back.This class is open to all students interested in developing a yoga practice that is sensitive, strengthening and restorative for the spine.

Morning Meditation

Join us in starting your day off right. Let us help you to create a daily practice that helps you start your day feeling grounded, clear and centered. 

All levels are welcome, and we will be sharing various styles of meditation. If you have your own practice, please feel free to come share in the space, and lead yourself in community.

Yoga in the Park

Join us in North Boulder Park for an sunset vinyasa! Teachers change each week, so check the schedule and be sure to sign up online to reserve your spot!

Meet on the corner of 7th and Dellwood in the grass under the trees, and don't forget your yoga mat!

Namaste and play! Join AYFK and Float & Flow Yoga Founder Mary Susan Stults for a fun, mindful, and inclusive play-based Kids Yoga class! In this Kids Yoga class we'll implement mindful movement, games, themed and educational activities, song, music, and more to explore asana, breathe exercises, meditation, mindfulness, and compassion in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. This drop-off class is appropriate for school-aged children, ages 3-11, however all-ages are welcome as parents are invited to stay and play if they wish to join in the healthy fun! Pre-registration is encouraged and walk-ins are welcome. Email Mary at with any questions.


AYFK Kids Yoga